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Precious Smile

Bran Jairo. That is the name of my first born. A gift from heaven and the living testimony of miracle. Yes, MIRACLE. Such a profound word that others may refuse to believe. Yet for me, waking up every day is a miracle, and also a blessing.

Speaking of waking up, I woke up this morning with so much energy to fulfill another day’s promise, even though I woke up late and drowsy. Wanna know why? My son woke me up with his sweet scream. Sweet because it’s not too loud or too low. The moment I opened my eyes, he then gave me his sweetest smile with his gleaming eyes. That invaluable smile took away my somnolence and made my day. A smile that made me ponder of how lucky I am to have given this kind of job, no matter how daunting this task is, I still get compensated with such a priceless bliss. A kind of happiness I will treasure for the rest of my life. He then crawled over me and listened to my hearbeat. Such a heartwarming gesture of my young man.

What a joy to have a 13th month old child like him. The sweetest young man I’ve ever known.

●Paper Crane●

          In the midst of a noisy crowd, there was a deafening silence between the couple  who were having their dinner like it was their first date. Both were timid and still, eating in calculated motion and both were seemingly have something to say but no courage would came out. No words broke the muteness not until they were done. Not until the lady noticed those tears started to form behind those young man’s eyes. She didn’t wait for those tears  to came down, so she took the courage to speak out and gave  her best to cheer him up. The young man just smiled yet no sound of relief came out from his mouth. Instead, to help himself  out from awkward burst of tears, he took a piece of paper,a kind of receipt, and started creasing and folding it. He’s like trying to form his thoughts and incorporate them with what he was doing. He embodied his emotions with a paper crane.

          Meanwhile, she feigned reading a book until he’s done and so he wouldn’t notice she’s deciphering his doing. She could read his mind. She sensed something’s going on but she let those myriad of questions left unanswered. A belief that “there are things in this world better left as unknown”. She refused to discern the truth. The unbearable verities that things won’t work out no matter how hard they’ve tried.
They have both desired to hold on to each other but they have to face the reality that it’s about time to bid goodbye. A goodbye to commence looking for one’s self meaning and value.

            The paper crane said it all. Promises of love unspoken. It is over.  

🍝 🍴 This is it! Pansit! #lutongbahay #foodie #foodporn
I hope your sweetness, young man, will never grow old. ❤
🍜Vegetable Soup with Shrimp 🍜

This food reflects who I am as a person. I was born and raised in a humble rural place. Wherein we plant the produce and rice that we eat, we raise and nurture the proteins that we need. The refreshing sweetness of  freshly-picked vegetables we cook and mouthwatering fruits that we have made me feel so content of who I am. Thus, wherever I go, I cannot simply forget what kind of life I grew up to. Life is so beautiful and simple back home. Now that I left home and settled to an urban place, I brought with me the values etched in my heart. That is to “plant what you eat” and “healthy living”. I am glad my husband enjoyed planting vegetables and fruits with me. 

Now  I am serving this vegetable soup I cooked for Lunch. ~_^
📝perfect reminder for me
Mental Synchronization

The title above simply describes what we (me and my better half) have in common. It surely does happen all the time. It’s like a whim or wants or opinions we have in our mind that either the two of us share first. It’s like we know how to read each other’s mind.  For instance, I have a craving for a certain food, my hubby simply bought it without asking me or  me requesting him to buy it. It makes me giggle every time this instances happen. It’s kind of rare having a better half who knows exactly what you need without even telling him what those needs are. Perhaps this mental synchronization is the reason why we don’t have big fights and silly arguments as well. ~_^

Suman de Iligan! Tenkyu ani pol @aisahluanne ! #foodie #foodporn
👶put your game face on!
The little prince just woke up 👶  (at Bran’s Crib)

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“I’m the kind of person who likes to be by himself. To put a finer point on it, I’m the type of person who doesn’t find it painful to be alone.”
Haruki MurakamiWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running (via wordsnquotes)

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